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Course Review: Kyiv Golf Center

59301230_465393400870017_4033342936576950272_nThe sun is finally waking up, and at last, it’s time to get out of  the gym and onto the driving range. (It’s been a long cold golfing winter). So we hitched a ride across town and spent our Saturday afternoon at the Kyiv Golf Center in Obolon. There is a driving range, a cafe and a bar called Golfist where they serve whiskey.  And what’s the point of Saturday golf if there’s no whiskey after? 

There’s plenty of green green grass, and distance markers up to 200 yards, but anything over that flies off the range and onto a crowded walkway along the river. I hooked a 5 wood that one hopped into the river, and a guy appeared and told me not to hit anything past 200 yards.  So, if you’re long, you’re stuck hitting irons, which isn’t the end of the world. If you’re a newbie or a short hitter, it doesn’t affect you at all.  (If you like to bomb your driver, you’ll need to find another spot) What I really like about the range, is the variety of flags and distance markers, which makes for good target practice. 

59445600_351252215747303_2283777503061344256_nWhen the range isn’t open, you can arrange it so you can play a few short holes, and they’ve also got a chip and putt area that you can rent, cause we all gotta work on our short game.  So, as a practice facility, it’s got most of what you need. Right now, Kyiv Golf Center is only open on the weekends, but they may open up more when the weather comes around.

Igor Oleksyn is the Head Professional out there, and he’s legit.  He was finishing up a lesson when we got there, and a bit later he got his irons out and launched some gorgeous high draws down to the end of the range.  He’s also fun to talk golf with, which is kinda rare in this country. Overall, the staff is friendly and everyone I met out there spoke English, so it is definitely foreigner friendly. 

whiskey by the river

We got two large buckets of balls for 760 hrn, which is on the high end of what you might pay in the states. Afterward we relaxed a bit in the outdoor cafe, took in the sites around the river, and sipped some whiskey . Overall, a great afternoon of golf inside the city limits. We definitely will be back.

Here’s a little drill for you golfers out there to help you take the club away from the ball and avoid the dreaded flat shoulder planeAnna breaks it down in the second half of the video in Ukrainian language. It’s called the broom drill, and if you practice it often, you’ll take it away like a pro… and as any pro will tell you, that’s half the battle.


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Kyiv Golf Academy

Welcome to the new site. Anna and I are back from America and living in Kyiv again. We are armed with new knowledge, new certifications, and ready to help grow the game of golf in Ukraine.  We will be sharing golf drills, fitness videos and course reviews from around the region.

Golf Instructors

Since my last post under the VegasGolf byline, I became the Director of Golf at Kenmont/ Kenwood camp in Kent, CT, and worked all summer with Anna as my assistant instructor. I also  completed my Level 2 Golf Certification by the Titleist Performance Institute.

I’ve added a low draw to the old high fade I used to hit, scored my first hole in one and my first subpar round on a championship course (69). I got my SNGA Handicap down to 2, and I look forward to playing competitively around Europe.

Anna’s Pebble Beach Trousers

Anna has become a very powerful golfer. In our last round before we left America, she reached the par 5 18th hole with a driver and a 9 Iron. She two putted from 4 feet for birdie, missing a chance for her second eagle. (She got her first hole in one last April) Not bad for a player with less than two years of golfing experience.  She also met Bill Murray at the AT&T Pro Am at Pebble Beach. The comedy legend and golf addict stopped by to compliment her on her trousers near the second fairway.

29512527_10213297007633122_3096381954063645034_n (1)
Orange Tree GC, Scottsdale AZ

During our stay in America, we played a lot of golf all over the country, highlights included at Orange Tree in Scottsdale, Az, Bayonet in Monterey, Ca, Pasadera CC in Carmel, Ca, Southern Highlands CC in Vegas, Kenmont Links in Kent, Ct, and Timber Creek in Roseville, Ca.

We also attended PGA Tournaments at TPC Summerlin and Pebble Beach. It was great time for us to be golfers in America, but now we’re back in Kyiv and excited to start bringing you great golf instruction, fitness, course reviews and travel tips.

Thanks for reading!

Jeff tees off at Pasadera Country Club, Carmel