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PGA of Ukraine – SOS to all Golfers

We are the PGA of Ukraine. Two weeks ago, we were teaching golfers how to hold a 7iron. Now, we are doing all we can to hold onto our land.

My name is Jeff Vinall, my wife Anna and I are the only members of the PGA of Ukraine who are currently outside the country, and we are asking for help from the golf community to support our brothers and sisters as we all defend the land that we love.

Our story briefly:

Until Feb 24, 2022, this was our life:

Kids Camp
CPG Training
Golf Tournament

Now, this is our life

Civilians Fleeing Conflict near Irpen

As soon as the missiles hit Kyiv, we jumped into the car and headed west. We were prepared, and we were able to escape to Poland. The trip was harrowing and traumatizing, but it is even worse for the people who remain behind.

My brothers and sisters from the PGA of Ukraine are all in their hometowns, preparing to face the advancing Russian offensive. Anna and I are doing all we can to help refugees at the Polish border.

Our goal is to raise funds to help the current activities as we mobilize for war. Our current priorities:

1. Assist civilians to escape from hot zones of heavy fighting

2. Deliver needed medicine to hospitals

3. Assist refugees at the Polish border.

All funds received will be distributed in Ukraine to help in our goals of supporting our members, our nation, and our freedom.

We have been denied by gofundme and are working hard to create a secure site for donations to support our organization and the important work we are doing in Ukraine. Please continue to follow us at this site and at our twitter account @pgaUkraine.

I am confident that the community of golf professionals will step up to help us. We will be eternally grateful.

Jeff and Anna Vinall
PGA of Ukraine


twitter: @pgaUkraine

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